1.What kind of videos are you making?

We are specializing in a high quality DEMO music videos for beginners, semi-professionals and professionals. 

2. How can i book music video shooting?

You may book video shoot by contacting us by email or messaging in FB. Depending on our work upload we whether confirm dates you are inquiring or suggest you other available time withing a few hours. After conforming date and time, we will ask you several questions regarding video shoot.

3. How should i prepare for video shooting?

For better results, we suggest you to be prepared for video shoot in advance, but of course you are to decide if you want to follow our tips 🙂

First of all, choose the best song for yourself to sing/play and be sure you know it well. Prepare a nice costume and shoes for yourself to look nice on the video, think of hairstyle and make up. Believe us, all small details will be visible on the screen, so do not miss a thing. If you are a vocalist, don’t forget to bring with you a backing track. If you are going to play a music instrument, be sure you have all cables and accessories.  Otherwise, you are welcome to ask us and probably we will have something for you.

4. What is the process of video shooting?

We suggest you to arrive at our studio not less than 10 minutes before your time starts. First, performer will have time for preparations, warming up, and after – for shooting. Remember, shooting must start not later than 20 min before the time ends. In case performer doesn’t need time for warming up or preparations, we can start shooting straight away. In the process, we may guide you in terms of playing, singing, moving for better results. We are going to shoot and record your vocals/playing instruments all at the same time. We will make several shootings from different angles or just one straight shooting and after will choose the best or will cut best parts into one video.

5. Can i bring my friends with me for video shooting?

In case you want to come with support group, for better results, we recommend to bring no more than 2 friends with you.


6. When my music video will be ready?

Your music video will be ready within 2 days.

7. What music equipment do you have?

We have drum kit and piano.

8. Can i play your music instruments for my music video?

Yes you may use it, but it will require additional payment to the mail package. + $10 for instrument.

9. In what format will be video?

10. Can i have raw video as well?

Yes, but if you need need raw files please warn in advance.

11. Can i hire the hall to make music video fully by myself?

Yes, you can hire our studio hall but in this case you will have to use your own equipment. Otherwise, you are welcome to hire ours.